Hostess – Brownies with M&M’s

Price: about 3 bucks

Description: Brownies topped with M&M’s

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this. They tasted exactly the way I expected them to taste.

They’re like Little Debbie brownies. The only major differences are the size and the wrapper.

The Hostess brownies seem a little bigger, volume wise. But they feel lighter than the Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. I mean that with regards to weight in the hand as well as density-wise. So basically Hostess is bigger and fluffier. Little Debbie is tighter and heavier.

Also, the Hostess brownies have full size M&Ms on top. The Little Debbies have mini M&M knockoffs on top.

Hostess has a thicker, non-transparent wrapper. Little Debbie has the clear wrappers. I think the Hostess box is slightly more aesthetic. By the way, I don’t care about the wrapper differences at all. It’s just that the two products are so similar to me, that this actually stands out.

When it comes to the actual brownies, I like the two brands equally.

But I think Little Debbie is the better value. A box of 6 Hostess brownies costs almost three bucks, whereas a box of 6 Little Debbie brownies is about 2 bucks.

Nutrition: each brownie is 43g and has 170 cals, 7 g fat,  26 g carbs, 2 g protein, and 80 mg sodium

Bottom Line: Satisfies chocolate and brownie cravings as expected. 8/10


hostess brownies with m&m's

hostess brownies with m&m’s