Campbell’s Chunky Soup – Beer-n-Cheese with Beef & Bacon

Price: about 2 bucks

Description: Beer, cheese, and potato soup with bits of beef and bacon

Two things stood out to me: the potatoes and the beer taste. For some reason I was expecting the beer flavor to be weak or absent. It is neither. The beer taste is strong.

The other thing that surprised me was the amount of potatoes. The potatoes tasted fine. I just wasn’t expecting this to be a potato soup. But looking at the picture on the front of the can right now, I see a cheesy potato soup. I guess the name of the soup is what threw me off. A more fitting name would be “Beer-n-Cheese Potato Soup.”

The only issue I had was the bacon. The bacon pieces were were flat and soggy. The texture sucked. There was no bacon flavor anywhere, in either the bacon or the soup. Maybe cubed chunks of bacon or ham would be better.

If I ever bought this again, I would skip the pieces of bacon. They weren’t terrible terrible, but they didn’t add anything good either. Mostly I would skip the bacon to save a few calories. Yes, I know it would literally be just a few.

Nutrition: 1 cup (half a can) has 190 cals, 9 g fat (2 g saturated), 21 g carbs, 7 g protein, 790 mg sodium

Bottom Line: If I craved a beer-cheese snack this would be ok. 7/10.


Campbell's Chunky Beer-n-Cheese with Beef & Bacon Soup

Campbell’s Chunky Beer-n-Cheese with Beef & Bacon Soup