McDonald’s – Grand Mac

Price: About 9 bucks for regular combo, about 10 bucks if you go large.

Description: It’s a Big Mac, only bigger.

I only ended up at McDonald’s today because the parking lot situation where I originally intended to grab lunch was insane. And to be honest, I was expecting to be disappointed with the Grand Mac.

But I wasn’t. I even ended up getting another one for dinner.

Somehow the Grand Mac is better than being just more Big Mac.  Maybe I was just super hungry today or whatever. But for some reason it tasted better than a Big Mac. Maybe McDonald’s upgraded their Big Mac ingredients since I last had one years ago. Or maybe they upgrade for the Grand Mac. I don’t know.

The Grand Mac is a handful. It’s got a nice weight in the hand. I believe it has 1/3 pound of beef. It’s got larger diameter buns and patties than the regular Big Mac as far as I can tell. There also seems to be more lettuce.

I like the combo of secret sauce with all that lettuce. It felt like I had a tasty salad with my burger.

Nutrition: Didn’t see it on the McDonald’s website

Bottom line: I would buy this again. I actually bought it twice today. I rate it 9/10


grand mac

grand mac